A Visual, Lean Project Management approach to accelerate the success of your projects

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Avellana Innovation’s project management team have been successfully leading large, complex process improvement, IT, and innovation projects in both regulated and non-regulated industries for decades.

They have been part of the evolution of best practice from traditional waterfall project management, to ownership based visual commitment, to judicious application of Agile/Scrum methodologies and the best of Lean Visual Management and Accelerated Learning approaches.

Avellana Innovation have the experience and the people to help you apply the right lean techniques to accelerate the success of your project, and to enable your people to continually contribute their best.

  • Driven by “actively accepted” ownership and active commitment as opposed to “assignment”.
  • Enabled by simple visual representations of that ownership and commitment.
  • Visually layered so that visibility of achievements and issues flows seamlessly into the line of sight of everyone who needs to know.
  • Based on aligning that for which people are responsible, with where they have the capacity and skills to be able to respond and contribute most value.
  • Supported by the right tools and methods for your project, including knowing when the flavour of the month is not the flavour that you need.


Why Med Tech Product Development should avoid becoming “Agile”

In recent years, there has been a surge in interest, and generally quite a buzz, around the concept of Agile, more specifically in the use of Agile Scrum, as a project management method in new product development. All industries seem to be succumbing to the allure and...
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New Product Development- The Predictability Paradox

Predictability, and the pursuit thereof, is a common theme we encounter when working with large company clients and their Product Development teams. The concept is understandable, as big business must have some mechanism of predicting future performance and...
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Lean Academic Innovation- Spend your time better by finding your hidden hypotheses.

You did a great job forming your original hypothesis.   It was reasonable, testable, and you secured the funding and approval you needed to embark on a journey of innovation, maybe seed commercial success, maybe take a leap forward in human knowledge.   So why does it...
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