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From 5S to Visual factory, TPM to OEE, you name it and Avellana’s people have implemented it. We have a wealth of understanding and experience in many varied manufacturing environments such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, start ups & SME’s, food and beverages, electronics and chemical engineering. Lean/ Operational Excellence has reached an advanced level in most manufacturing organisations and the challenges that remain are often ones where “out of the box” solutions do not apply or work well.


We have developed deep subject matter expertise in resolving more complex challenges such as levelling of workload through use of pull planning systems and flowed processes. Workload volatility, be it day to day, week to week or season to season, can have a staggering impact on the utilisation of resources and overall efficiency. We take into account the specifics of your situation and along with your team, design bespoke, appropriate solutions to help you deal with never ending cycles of overburden and under utilisation.


We also pride ourselves on our ability to encourage and facilitate your people to innovate to solve their own problems. We will not arrive with a predetermined solution and instruct you on how to implement. We will, however, coach teams on possible solutions and facilitate them to determine the best options for them and their company. Over the years we have learned that telling people what to do does not work. Giving them the information, opportunity and confidence to innovate to solve their problems and remove obstacles from their way does, and this will sustain the improvements for years to come.






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