The problem with asking for something, is that you often get what you ask for.   When you’re writing to Santa Claus, that’s good.  But if you’re managing a mission critical process and you’re the one who has to figure out the key performance metrics that will encourage behaviour that achieves the team goals, it’s a little more daunting.   If you ask for cost savings or efficiency, quality may suffer.  If you ask for better time performance, costs may go up.   Blind insistence on “quality” metrics may adversely affect time and cost.

The answer is to get your metrics to fight.   Choose a set of metrics which naturally pull in different directions, and manage them simultaneously.   Trust your people to be able to figure out the conundrum.   If you have provided the tools, the culture, and the environment that enable people to align with where they can best add value, then the people who deliver your goals are the people in the best position to figure out the optimal equilibrium between quality, cost, and time performance.